Our mission is to give the children a good foundation
grow up to be a good person.

Sally Wong-Avery


We are committed to provide a quality early childhood program in a safe, creative, and nurturing environment where children will experience success, develop a love for lifelong learning, promote their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. We are committed to establishing strong values and good manners to practice at home and our global community. The students will acquire the ability to be bilingual and biliterate in English and Chinese.

The children will learn Mandarin by bilingual teaching approaches in helping children in acquiring Chinese language.

Chinese Bilingual Preschool fosters the intellectual and physical growth of the children by providing a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment. We help them to grow up healthy, do well in school, get along with peers, show respect, be responsible and to succeed in life.

Additionally, we are committed to instilling the following learning practices to our preschool students:

  • To be exposed to and acquire a second language, Chinese by listening, writing and communicating
  • To pursue lifelong learning
  • To feel competent, independent, and to possess a positive self-image
  • To continue to seek knowledge for the inquisitive mind
  • To instill the analytical critical and creative thinking
  • To continue practicing and developing good manners as their codes and principles for future citizens in the community
  • To learn steps to resolving conflicts in a positive manner
  • To make good choices in everyday living
  • To acquire school readiness skills, especially in Reading & Math which prepares them for the complexities at the elementary level
  • To understand good nutritious eating habits and how exercising makes healthy bodies
  • To be more aware and acceptance of Chinese and other cultures